Lip S


All make-up artists fall in love with our creme lipsticks smooth and soft texture and rich and glowing color. This stick makes lips appear fuller and the color has extreme staying power that will not fade or feather. Contains antioxidants to soften and protect beautiful smiles.

Color “No” Brush, “W” Brush, “With” Brush, 101 Golden Taupe, 104 Black, 105 Chocolate, 106 Navy, 117 White, 124 Golden Topaz, 126 Midnight Plum, 127 Seashell, 152 Charcoal, 156S Pewter, 157S Burnished, 158S Azul, 159S Va-Va Violet, 160S Mermaid, 24 Karat, Adorned Gold, Afterglow, Alabaster, Almond, Amber Glaze, Angel Glow, Angel Kiss, Angelic Peach, Apricot, Apricot Toast, Aubun, Auburn, Autumn, Bamboo, Bed of Roses, Berry, Berry Sexy, Bite Me, Black, Black Brown, Black Case, Black Dollface, Black Moxie, Black Raven, Blackberry, Blonde, Blue, Blue Roses, Blue Skies, Blush, Blushing Pink, Boysenberry, Brass, Bronze “No” Brush, Bronze Foil, Bronze n/Brush, Bronze w/Brush, Brown, Brown Spark, Brown Spark 1, Brown/Black, Brownie, Brunette, Bubble Gum, Burnt Bronze, Burnt Red, Buttered Rum, Butternut, Butterscotch, Candy, Caress, Champagne Dust, Charcoal, Cherish, cherry, Cherry On Top, Cherry Wine, Chocolate, Clear, Clearly Cocoa, Clearly Pink, Clearly Red, Cleoptra, Coal, Cocoa, Confetti, Corrective Tones, Cranberry Ice, Crimson, D.O.A., Dark Brown, Deep Aubum, Deep Red, Diamond, Diva, Dollface, Dreamy, Envy Me, Espresso, Evergreen, Extravagant Bronze, Fairy Dust, Fashion Forward Fuchsia, Fierce, Foundation Primer, Frappuccino, French Kiss, Frolic, Ginger, Girlie, Glamour Glow, Gleam, Gold Brown, Golden Bronze, Golden Taupe, Golden Topaz, Good Night Sleep, Gravity, Green Spark, Grenade, Grey, Happy Hour, Hardcore, Heliotrope, Herbal, Hollywood, Hot Pursuit, Hydrating-Foundation Primer, Iced Mocha, Icefire, Icy Topaz, Innocent, Jam, Jamboree, Jive, Keep It On, Lash Primer, Last Call, Last Chance, Last Dance, Last Kiss, Last Laugh, Last Lick, Last Night, Last Resort, Last Song, Last Stand, Last Stop, Last Summer, Last Time, Last Word, Latte, Libido, Lift Off, Light Brown, Limestone, Loveline, Majesty, Mania, Maple Sugar, Matte Orange Red, Mauve, Mercury, Meteor, Mid Medium, Midnight, Midnight Plum, Mocha Muave, Moxie, Mythology, Nauti, Navy, Navy Pearl, Nectarine, Neutral, Neutral Matte, Neutrals, Nightingale, Ninja, No Baggage, No Brainer, Nude, Nude Beige, Nutmeg, Oale Pink, Oatmeal, Obsessive, Occult, Oil Control, Olive Pearl, Onyx, Orange Fizz, Orange Flare, Orange-You-Dreamin, Oz, Pale Pink, Peach Glow, Pink, Pink Mauve, Pink Princess, Plum, Plum Spark, Pomegranate, Power Play, Precious, Prowl, Prune, Purple, Quest, Raspberry, Red Alert, Red Velvet, Rosebud, Royal Blue, Royal Purple, Rust, Sable, Sassy, Satin Lace, Savage, Savage Mauve, Savage Pink, Seashell, Sexy Glow, Sheer, Sherbet, Shiver, Silv-Royal-Blue, Silver Case, Silver Dollface, Silver Moxie, Skyline, Slide, Snakeskin, Soft Wine, Spiced Ginger, Starfish, Status Symbol, Strawberry Rose, Sugar Plum, Sun Dust, Sun Glow, Sunny Side Up, Take It Off, Tangelo, Taupe, Toast, Toffee, Transparent, Tropical Blue, Underworld, Uprising, Valentine, Vixen, W/Brush, Warm Brandy, watermelon, White, Wide Awake, Yell Ohh!